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Submission Guidelines

  • Authors are responsible for the originality and the linguistic accuracy of manuscripts. The submitted articles should have not been published in another journal/conference/magazine. 
  • Manuscripts should be in English
Font Type        : Times New Roman
Font size          : 12
Line Spacing   : Single column 1.5
Paper Size       : B5 paper 
Margin             : 0.8 inch on all four sides of the paper.
  • Manuscript of the paper should have a cover page providing the below details :
Title of the study (14pt)
Name(s) (12pt)
Phone number(s)
E-mail addresses (11pt, italic) of all the authors. 
  • The Abstract (include the problem, purpose, methodology, findings and the contribution)
Font Size         : 11
Alignment       : Justified
Word Limit     : Should not exceed 150 words 
  • Keywords
Maximum of five (05) keywords tightly related to the topic should be given.
  • The manuscript may organize under the headings of;
Literature Review
Findings of the Study
Discussion and Recommendation
  • Three categories of heading are defined:
Heading 1 (Bold, Left, and 14pt)
Heading 2 (Bold, Left, 12pt)
Heading 3 (Italic, Left, 12pt)
Note: Keep 10 point space before the paragraph for each level of headings. 
  • Tables and figures are to be number and directly placed in the text as follows:
Naming Tables;
Table 1: Title in bold, 12pt, placed above the table.
Naming Figures;
Fig 1: Title in bold, 12pt, placed below the figure.
Note: The source should be placed right below the figure or the table; in Times New Roman, 11pt, Italic. 
  • Formulas are to be numbered in Times New Roman, 11pt, align to the right margin next to the formula. 
  • If it is needed to acknowledge somebody or an institution, it should be mentioned between the conclusion and references. 
  • Footnotes and endnotes should not be used for citations. Citations and references should be in accordance with the APA 6th format. 
  • Maximum pages of the full paper should be limited to 15 pages.  
 For manual submission: